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Things to Do and Places to Visit in Romania

Romania is quite an enticing place to visit – what with its eccentric charms, myth and superstition-filled towns, beautiful landscapes, and cities rich of culture. For starters, it may be confusing where to begin when everything is just too good! Hopefully, this post can help you start with your itinerary on where to go and what to do in Romania:

Head to Bucharest’s historic centre

Bucharest is the busy and fast-paced capital of Romania. It’s filled with Orthodox churches that date back to the old days. The historic centre, a current old world charm, sits in this capital where you can find a variety of restaurants and bars for your enjoyment. Truly, you will find yourself fascinated with the amount of charms this city could expel, even just for one night.

Peles Castle
Peles Castle

Visit the Peles Castle

Of course, who would want to miss the beautiful castle that sits as one of the most visited tourist attraction in Romania? This castle boats of its aesthetic architecture of turret and wooden beams that just screams ‘classic fairy tale’ to most travelers. It was supposedly a summer residence of King Charles I. Everything in the surrounding lush and green.  It’s such a photogenic landscape that you simply can’t miss when visiting Romania.

Eat with the locals or dine at traditional restaurants

If you immerse yourself enough in their culture, then eating with the locals could be a good idea to completely introduce yourself to the traditional Romanian cuisines.  Some of the national food specialties in Romania are the ciorba de perisoarea (soup with meatballs), pasca (sweet cheesecake), and mici (a skinless sausage grilled and made out of pork and beef). If you’re out to go get some drinks, you may try their tuica (a type of brandy made of plums) and local beers such as Kaiser and Ursu.

Ski resort at Romania
Ski resort at Romania

Experience ski during the winter

Enjoy a ski holiday on a mountain resort in Romania to cap off your travel. During the winter season, the Romania ski slopes are usually thronged by plenty of tourists that either want to learn the sport or show off their skills. Find a good ski resort that’s up to your budget. Some of the well-known ski resorts in Romania are Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Azuga, and so much more.